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Mission statement

  Welcome to the website of Advanced Technologies Services Provider, or ATSP.

ATSP helps your company bridging the gap between business requirements and ICT, so that investments in ICT technology deliver a maximum return on investment. ATSP's position is quiet unique because ATSP consultants understand both your business and the technology your company has to rely on to meet today's market demands.



In today's fast changing market, relying on technology to maximize efficiency is the only way to stay ahead of competition.

But who guarantees you that the investments you make in ICT will deliver 100% efficiency for your business processes ?

That's where ATSP steps in, we have build up a methodology that gives you an answer to this question, based on our experience within your business area.

We guarantee you a higher return on investment and will proove it with a business case.


That's why ATSP has specialized in 4 types of markets : the automotive industry, the world of finance, the telecommunications business and the governmental organizations. We have throughout the years chosen to specialize in these market niches, and today we believe to be amongst the few consultancy firms who can really rely on experience and a broad market view, able to deliver our customers real added value.

We bring you this added value on 2 domains :

  • the best of breed project management skills. All our consultants are aces in project management and problem analysis.

  • the best trained and most experienced technical experts. These domains include OSS technology ( NGOSS, BMC, Agilent, Cramer, HPOpenview ), meditation ( Tibco, Corba, Kabira, UML, XML, .net ), management software, in short : we know all there is to know on Business Service Management. All our employees have a thorough understanding of at least one technical domain.

On our site you'll find a brief introduction on what ATSP has to offer you. Feel free to contact us for more information, you can find an overview of all our contact data here.


ATSP facilitates your company to integrate business needs into the ICT environment, by applying a customized methodology based on a vast experience with and thorough understanding of both your business and ICT technology.









ATSP Works according the best project management guidelines