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Mission statement


The financial services industry has seen a dramatic increase in complexity over the last decades, causing banks, securities, investment management and insurance businesses to face a diverse array of challenges and concerns.

Globalization, along with regulatory changes and risk management issues, continues to impact the industry. Firms have expanded international operations around the globe to tap into new markets as a source of growth, increase their competitiveness, satisfy demand and better leverage their expertise.

Our business consultants understand the financial world and have experience in handling this complexity. We require from all our employees that they are business minded. ATSP consultants build up a close relationship with the customer, with a like minded vision on the business you are driving. We see this as a sine qua non to be able to deliver quality work. If we bring you a solution, it will be a solution fit to your needs, And a solution that is explained in a clear language, both for technical and non technical people. Focusing on your business. Something that works ! And we believe it is exactly this approach that makes our customers satisfied.

ATSP masters the latest technology improvements, allowing you to expand your business at a fast pace, while never losing control of the overview and management aspects. Open up new sales channels, such as empty
local banks. For new business you need to understand the market. For these business needs, a good implementation in your ICT is very important. ATSP can help you to implement these needs with the use of our high experienced persons specialized in business, management and technical knowledge in specific domains.

ATSP sees this management aspect as a first step towards a secure ICT environment. Control of your environment is the first step in defining a security policy.

ATSP customer base includes

ABN-AMRO, DEXIA, Royal Sun Alliance

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ATSP facilitates your company to integrate business needs into the ICT environment, by applying a customized methodology based on a vast experience with and thorough understanding of both your business and ICT technology.









ATSP Works according the best project management guidelines