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Mission statement


Is your project management missing efficiency today ?


You find it time consuming ?

You would like to improve your time to market ?
You find it to be not your core business ?
You would like to improve your vendor management techniques ?

Then ATSP :

is Business Minded
Can improve your project management skills to work more efficient

Focuses on Core Business
One Advanced Project Management Company
is vendor independent
Best Effort/Best Price

We bundled our view in this presentation.



We offer Business Consultancy :

- knowledge in different markets
Market knowledge
- Long term experience
- Proven experience

- Business processes
- Business modeling
- All markets
- Process improvement
- Business research

a clear corporate vision is even more important. Strategy and tactics need to be flexible so they can change with swings in geopolitics and the global economy, but the vision must be steadfast and unswerving. To achieve this, ATSP works side by side with top management to clarify issues, refine ideas, and give them shape.
ATSP looks at your business from a broader perspective – we look at markets and trends, at competition and customers, at the organization itself – and then use what we learn to ensure that the future direction can be successfully implemented.

A plan and approach that can help ensure that the company’s strategy can be turned into actions and accountabilities. Our consultants will not only help you develop operations strategy, but also see it through every phase of implementation and recognize how operations could be fundamentally improved by the advent of technology and to exploit its power on a large scale. As a result, we offer the ability to help organizations achieve new levels of productivity from their core assets, their business processes and their strategic relationships

We offer project and product management


Our project and program managers have been trained in the PRINCE and PMI methodology. They are experienced in delivering in scope, in time and in budget. They carry out a project using a detailed Project Plan : scope, WBS, risk management, change management, communication, quality and all other project elements are well controlled. This allows us to work efficient and low cost while guaranteeing you an optimal time to market and cost/result ratio.


We offer management skills

ATSP also offers management ( Resource management/people management/technical management and Executive management ) in all markets.

Other services we deliver are methodology efficiency studies, customer orientation improvement plans, strategic consultancy, outsourcing studies and more.

We offer technical expertise

Solution driven technological architects, who think business wise. A list of competencies can be obtained, please go to the contact page.


ATSP facilitates your company to integrate business needs into the ICT environment, by applying a customized methodology based on a vast experience with and thorough understanding of both your business and ICT technology.









ATSP Works according the best project management guidelines