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Mission statement


e-Government is broadening its functionalities day by day. And today, it has become so much more than the electronic delivery of services to citizens and businesses.

Particularly in the public sector, user-friendliness and high quality of the delivered services are of the utmost importance. Combined with the drive towards economic globalization, governments are demanding fast,
reliable and competitive services.

On the other hand there is a need for cost control, transparency and accountability. More than the private sector, reporting on IT infrastructure costs should be at all times up to date. This is where ATSP can deliver you added value. We can make sure your department
- manages in an optimal way the implementation of new functionalities into your current systems;
- automates the management of these systems, so reporting and control is built in into your environment.

ATSP can also support your department in managing the security aspects of you IT infrastructure. We do not focus on technical solutions. We do not focus on security processes. We focus on BOTH AT THE SAME TIME.

We make sure that there is an optimal communication between our security experts and your ICT personnel, so more awareness is created, a customized solution is built and a security strategy is defined. ATSP ensures that you can manage the security aspects of your ICT park, by setting up the best fit ICT management tools, delivering to the business the necessary data that serve as indicators for future investments. ATSP enables you to really control your ICT security, automating reporting and deploying solid yet future proof technologies.

Previous experiences


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ATSP facilitates your company to integrate business needs into the ICT environment, by applying a customized methodology based on a vast experience with and thorough understanding of both your business and ICT technology.









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