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Mission statement


Operators are competing to survive and be profitable in today’s tough market place. Exploiting the opportunities presented by the current market climate, gaining or retaining your competitive foothold in the market, and developing ever more valuable customers with the speed of change and complexity of technology means focusing on a growth strategy for the long term. There are also pressures on cost control and reduction as well as the time to go to the market


Operators are focused on creating and maximizing revenues by facilitating new methods of payment, launching new services, and reducing the time to market for new products, the key to winning and retaining customers.


ATSP can help you to reduce the cost and reduce the time to market by the use of our experienced project managers and program managers. They have been selected for their knowledge about 

  • the telecom business

  • project management skills (prince II and PMI)

  • knowledge of the available OSS technologies

ATSP understands the pressures that operators face. Our experience in the telecoms sector enables us to take a broader approach in business consultancy and management. By looking beyond boundaries, we can transfer the business needs in what is needed in infrastructure .what we have delivered in one area to bring about rapid transformation in another - thereby cutting costs and reducing time to market. With a focused portfolio of consultancy, best-of-breed partners and our experience, you can be assured of committed partners for the long term to help you get ahead and stay ahead of the market.


ATSP customer base includes

Mobistar, Proximus, Codenet, Alcatel and Belgacom.

Read more about our services here. Or contact an ATSP consultant, he will gladly give you more information.


ATSP facilitates your company to integrate business needs into the ICT environment, by applying a customized methodology based on a vast experience with and thorough understanding of both your business and ICT technology.









ATSP Works according the best project management guidelines